My Story, a work in progress.


        Born in Washington DC on December 19th of 1953. I first lived in Vienna, VA until age 5 and which time the family purchased a 100 acre farm off of Cedarville Rd in Brandywine, MD. Attended Brandywine Elementary and Gwynn Park Jr. High. I grew up there as a farm kid with horses, cows, chickens, pigs and chores. My interest in music started there. We always had instruments around the house that my Dad played. Piano, organ, accordion, clarinet & others. We moved to Clinton, MD and I graduated (without honors) from Surrattsville Sr High in 1971. After graduation, the family moved back to the farm which we still own. 

The Scarlet Monopoly was the name of my first band, then Slow Rush and onto the Half Moon Band who's career highlight was in 1972 opening for Bonnie Rait and Little Feat (with Lowell George) at PG Community College and simulcast with Cerf on WHFS Radio.

In the fall of 1974, the HALF MOON BAND and my brother (from the same mother) Rocky's HARVEY HUBCAP & THE DO RON RON merged to form what was to become THE FABULOUS HUBCAPS show band.

       I  was the  "Leader of the Pack", until the fall of 2006 when I decided to leave the road life in order to spend more time with family and pursue a solo career as well as serve on the Worship Team at Real Life Wesleyan Church in Mechanicsville, Maryland. I'd say the most memorable Hubcap performance was when we were invited to the White House to entertain the President and First Lady for the Annual Summer Press Corps Picnic. 

    To date, I perform a solo "Greatest Legends of Rock & Soul Show" and occasionally work with a most recent production, the Legendary NightCaps band. The group includes former ​members of the Hubcaps as well as the Nighthawks (hence the name "NightCaps"). You can also find me on keyboards, guitar and vocals opening the show for rockabilly sensation Johnny Seaton and Bad  Behavior. I have also started entertaining at a few local Senior Centers in an effort to offer quality entertainment to a much deserving and appreciative audience that is too often forgotten or neglected. A most rewarding experience. 

       Musical infuences include Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Roy Orbison, Joe Cocker, Otis Redding, Yes, Pink Floyd , the Moody Blues and the Eagles. Did I mention that I love harmonies. I cover all of these artists and many more during my performances. The latest endeavor is "The Woodstock Experience", bringing back the groovy era of my adolescence and the peace, love, protests and "inhanced" memories of the flower power movement. I'll be presenting the sights and sounds of the artists and the songs they performed at the legendary concert. CSN&Y, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Sha Na Na and many others. I hope to see you soon at a upcoming performance.

        God bless y'all,